What Makes a Wedding Dance YouTube-Worthy?

There are innumerable wedding dances on the internet. Some are good enough to be featured on "Dancing with the Stars," and some,…. well, end up on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Regardless of what your dance moves are –there are some common features that define a well-rounded "YouTube-Worthy" wedding dance.


1. The music is known by almost everyone in the audience

Whether the song is fast, slow, fun, or heartbreaking, a good wedding dance will always have music that most everyone will know. Think of sing-a-long songs or ones you might hear in a karaoke bar like, “You are My Sunshine” to “The Twist,” to “Uptown Funk.” Even though those songs are different, they will immediately connect with an audience.

2. The type of dance moves fits the song

Oftentimes, there is a wonderful song, but the moves a couple selects to dance simply don't fit. For example, many Mother-Son dances use “What a Wonderful World,” however it is a difficult beat to follow because it is slow and hard to find with Louis Armstrong’s style. Instead of keeping it slow, couples will just move and turn without regard to the song. Even if the dancing is good –it won’t end up being the number one hit on YouTube!

3. The couple is dancing in sync

Regardless of whether the couple is touching or dancing separately, they should be in sync. It just looks good! Couples should decide when they are doing what. If they want to do the Disco, it should be with the same hand. If they want to do the twist- they can dance it differently, but it’s still the Twist. The more organized and clean the routine, the better it will look.

4. It matches your personality as a couple

Ballroom dancing is different from other styles of dance in that you have to accommodate your partner. Try to determine what others see in your relationship. Are you both quirky? Intellectual? Funny? Outgoing? Whatever it is, use it to personalize your music and dance moves.

5. You are having fun

Of course, you will be ecstatic on your wedding day but many people who dance are too focused on listening to the music or remembering the steps to actually remember if they are having fun. Regardless of who is dancing, displaying a big smile on your face goes a long way. At the very least, you will look good for the photographer.



While these five things seem simple, using them to create your own unique style and performance can be tricky. Abiding by these five suggestions will ensure that your wedding dance will not only be enjoyable and memorable but also YouTube-worthy.