Online Classes

Experience: Safety and Fun

Due to the pandemic, we are looking for a safe way to meet the interest of students at home. We are proud to announce that we now offer online Ballroom Dance Lessons. Our online classes can be used for weddings, competitions, or simply for fun! 

Ballroom Dance Experience has developed beginning, intermediate, and advanced dance level programs for the pandemic which allows students to learn at their own pace at home. Students have access to pre-recorded lessons where they can learn or review steps at their own pace. In addition, students schedule thirty minute online lessons with their instructor to review important material and technique. They also have the opporunity to ask questions and clarify any blocks they may have encountered in their studies. These programs are for bored couples at home that are looking for an interesting or romantic hobby to do at home during the pandemic.

For students who have danced before or are looking to improve their dancing as an individual, Ballroom Dance Experience is offering Bronze, Silver, and Gold programs. Each program uses the DVIDA syllabus, but also has some additional moves that are commonly found in social or competition dancing. As with the other programs, students schedule online consultations with their instructor.

Online lessons are priced differently than in person lessons as they include both the pre-recorded lessons and online consultations. Online classes with your instructor will be scheduled at your convience and are either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Please contact us to set up your first online classes!