Wedding Student Center

Create a Wedding Account


The Wedding Student Center is an online account that introduces potential students to the programs BDE has to offer. It is NOT a contact submission form, but you can contact us here. Creating your profile account gives you access to wedding resources, general dance information, and limited playlists and dance information in the BDE Student center. 


Information in the BDE Student center is an expanded online account for active, existing students. Again, it is not a contact submission form. To access all the resources in BDE Student Center, you will need to register as an active student who takes lessons. As an existing student, you will need to an email to indicating that you are a current student so that you can obtain access to the full online resources. Upon receiving your request, access to videos, more student resources, and extended playlists will be approved in two to three days. 


To see the next level of videos, please talk to your instructor or refer to medal testing, here