Life Perspectives

A Student's Perspective - One Year In

Most student's who enter the world of ballroom dance don't enter it with the intention of competing. For most, it's the social aspect, the desire to try something new, a way to meet new people, or because their significant other drug them, kicking and screaming, to their first class. Most who stick with it also don't continue dancing with the intention of competing, but because they have found an activity that they enjoy, made some friends, or realize that their significant other was right when they said, "If you just give it a chance you may actually enjoy it."


Experience Companionship: Giving the Gift of Dance

Too often we hear from non-dancers how they would love to dance, but their loved ones just won’t come with them. Although their loved one would most likely really enjoy it, their partner just doesn’t have the drive or the confidence. While everyone would like to dance, dancing has a different connotation in the context of Ballroom. Everyone understands, whether or not they have the courage to come, that they are receiving the “Gift of Dance.”