Intermediate and Advanced Ballroom Lessons

Experience Growth: Intermediate and Advanced Ballroom Dance Classes

Intermediate Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, and Tango Group Classes- Six Week or Seven Week Series Group Class

Once students feel comfortable with the Beginner's Classes, most move onto the Intermediate Series Group Classes. These are for students interested in learning Intermediate Bronze, Full Bronze, or Beginning Silver dance steps. More advanced techniques such as leading and following hip movements, and social dance floor navigation techniques are introduced and reinforced in this class.

Similar to the Beginner's Classes, the Intermediate Dance Class content is still chosen by students, but each dance is learned in-depth. Most often, each session will be spent on one or two dances before learning two different dances in the next series. As a result, many students stay in this class as it is possible to continue learning new dances for several years as each session is different. Intermediate dance students continue to enjoy the practice and social benefits of group classes, even if they find themselves taking private lessons. 

For all of the reasons above, it is important to note, that while the class is an Intermediate class, it is far more advanced than the average group class. Even if you have had private lessons, we encourage students interested in this class to meet with an instructor to determine if they are ready for the class.


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