Competitive and Performance Ballroom Dance

Experience Growth: Competitive Ballroom Dancing and Dancesport


Ballroom Dance Experience is proud to serve the arts community through its contribution to Dancesport, or competitive Ballroom Dance. We provide numerous opportunities for ballroom dancers interested in Ballroom dance competitions, showcases, solo exhibitions, cabaret, theatrical showcases, competitive performances, and local performances such as local fundraisers for charitable causes. As a professional independent ballroom dance studio, Ballroom Dance Experience ensures that students have quality instruction as we believe that dancesport allows all level dancers to grow. As students become fascinated by the aesthetic and athleticism found in dancesport, Ballroom Dance Experience recognizes ballroom dance's increasing value in the social and movement arts.

Since Ballroom Dance Experience is independent, ballroom dance students have access to regional and national acclaimed competitions typically not offered at social or franchised studios. Such competitions are approved by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA), the national standard for Ballroom Dancing in the United States. Appropriate ballroom competitions are chosen based on the level and goals of each student. A list of ballroom competitions is included below.

Advanced students know that the higher levels of ballroom dance require physical conditioning and athleticism. As such Ballroom Dance Experience strives to provide all the resources necessary to grow into beautiful dancers. Students have access to personal training and goal setting for physical conditioning. Resources such as practice schedules, strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent injury, and knowledge for cross-training is provided. 

Ballroom dance is considered an art and we encourage students to express themselves through dancing. Therefore, ballroom dance students also have special access to musical and artistic training necessary to create choreography and develop floor craft. All dancesport ballroom instructors are certified in DVIDA or ISTD and have experience on the competitive floor themselves. We have specialty instructors qualified in all four styles: Latin, Standard, Smooth, and Rhythm as well as the Nightclub dances, Tango, Salsa, Swing, and Country.


Ballroom Dance Competitions

Ballroom refers to all partner dancing

In an effort to provide continued education and the highest quality instruction necessary to compete in ballroom dance, Ballroom Dance Experience brings national and world champion coaches from around the world to Ohio. Students of all levels have access to this information through private lessons, special workshops, or dancesport series group classes so they can reach their fullest potential.

Unlike most studios, Ballroom Dance Experience does not require cookie-cutter prices for all students. We strive to be affordable, and therefore, determine the prices according to the competitiveness and location of the competition, as well as the total dances a student wishes to dance. We have even developed a scholarship program for serious ballroom dance students who have already been competing or wish to compete.

Finally, we recognize that many people are nervous about the idea of competing. However, we want students to know that we have years of experience teaching and connecting new students with the parts of dancing they find most beneficial. Dancesport, is the fast way to increase the quality of your dancing, regardless of whether you are a competitor or a social dancer and like any sport, has a wide variety of skill levels that can be suited for your needs. It is much like swimming or running in that you wouldn't expect to compete against Jesse Owens or Michael Phelps if you are taking your first lesson! Instead, students compete in ballroom dance because they enjoy seeing the improvement and the health benefits it provides. We simply ask that you allow Ballroom Dance Experience to work with you on your journey to becoming a high-quality dancer by surrounding yourself with other passionate ballroom dancers.



Students interested in learning more about Ballroom can find more resources and answers to their questions by contacting us.