Practice Dance At Home During the Pandemic

By Derek Cannon of


When the pandemic erupted, many good things in life were put on hold. If dance lessons were one of those good things now missing from your routine, we have wonderful news! They don’t have to be forsaken completely. While nothing can replace studio sessions with a professional instructor, setting up space at home allows dancers to keep fit, work on moves, and burn off stress. Whether you fully dedicate a permanent space or set up a flex area that can accommodate other projects, the following resources can help you formulate a plan so that you’re ready when studio sessions are back in full swing. 


Exploration, Expression, and Goals


Dance is meant to be a medium for self-expression, and as a dancer, learning new styles and techniques can further your craft. Why not use this time to enhance your abilities, and even do a little exploring? Building your repertoire and creative sensibilities can only help that much more when you can return to your studio routine. 



Establish Your Space


Having a routine and a plan is one thing, but obviously, you need a place to practice. While not any old space could become your new in-home studio, you might be surprised at how easily you can slip one into your home. Whether you opt for a dedicated room or something more temporary, explore your options.


  • At the heart of your studio is one simple thing: mirrors.

  • Appropriate flooring helps you stay safe. You can get a roll-out mat for under $200.  

  • Contemplate what other equipment you need and research options. For instance, you can DIY a portable barre

  • Soundproofing helps avoid disrupting the rest of your household. HomeAdvisor says to expect the cost to fall between $1,022 and $2,478.

  • Organizing your new studio will make sessions more pleasant and productive.

  • Keeping your space germ-free is safe, easy, and inexpensive with homemade supplies


Perks Aplenty


You might think you're going to too much trouble and expense just to keep up your dance practice. After all, you’ll be right back in the studio as soon as possible. However, dance offers a number of benefits that are particularly critical during this challenging time.


  • Mayo Clinic points out self-care is especially important during the pandemic. 

  • Dance is a wonderful way to relieve stress and boost your mental well-being.

  • A solid dance regimen keeps your body fit and helps reduce your risk of disease. 

  • If your family was thrust together with the lockdown, it’s an opportunity for alone time.

  • As if that isn’t enough, upgrading your home with a studio space can improve its value. 


Getting some time in the studio has never been more important. Until you can visit your normal instructor, the next best thing is to pick things up at home. Don’t let the pandemic break up your dance regimen! Instead, use this time to build it.