Shimmy Sway Get Away!

When dancing there are certain unspoken rules that apply to the dance floor in both professional, social, and class settings. These unspoken rules are unspoken because to most they’re so logical that they’d think only young children wouldn’t grasp them…They’d think wrong. There are a select few people, as in any hobby that involves social interaction, that has never quite grasped these simple concepts. One of these concepts is how someone’s person may exude an aroma so strong it gags everyone around them. Let’s dive into that topic

Experience Companionship: Giving the Gift of Dance

Too often we hear from non-dancers how they would love to dance, but their loved ones just won’t come with them. Although their loved one would most likely really enjoy it, their partner just doesn’t have the drive or the confidence. While everyone would like to dance, dancing has a different connotation in the context of Ballroom. Everyone understands, whether or not they have the courage to come, that they are receiving the “Gift of Dance.”