What Exactly is Social Dancing?

Time and time again, dancers will hear “I don’t do competitions, I’m just a social dancer.” A new student might understand that statement to mean that they don’t compete. Yet, even at a competition, competitors will find themselves ready for the evening social gathering most competitions offer. So, it’s no surprise that they will also say, “I’m ready to go do some social dancing.” Even the top professionals in the world will find themselves out for a night of general dancing. So what exactly is social dancing if both competitors and beginners find themselves looking for a night of enjoyment?


Although styles of dance evolve and the goals of each individual dancer vary, it’s important to recognize the true origins of not just ballroom dance, but all dance –fun, social, gatherings. At any gathering of people, there are always a variety of people each with their unique backgrounds and interests. Regardless of whether it is a wedding, a business function, or a party, there is music and the opportunity to get to know those around you.

Social Dancing is a general term used to describe the carefree atmosphere that provides you with an opportunity to dance. It goes by many names including general dancing, dance socials, cotillion, receptions, etc…. These events can be in the presence of other dancers- or not! However, all dancers can agree, regardless of skill or expertise, that it’s an opportunity to improvise, test your skills, have fun, and of course, socialize!