Wedding Dance Essentials: The Checklist

For Her:

Have you chosen the right shoes?

  • You will be able to dance in flats, but it might be a little difficult to dance in platform shoes while doing a dip. Make sure that your shoes are not only suitable for your big day, but for your dance as well.
  • If you have already decided on a pair of wedding shoes, consider also buying a pair of dance shoes, there are many glamorous, white ballroom shoes that are easier to move in.

Are you able to move in your dress?

  • You will be able to dance in any dress you choose, however, if your dress is form fitting you will be limited in your dance mobility.
  • Dresses with a half crinoline slip underneath are the most difficult to dance in because it is difficult to pick up. Try to avoid this if possible.
  • If you have a train, make sure it has a bustle!
  • Be aware that sometimes the bustle still doesn't mean the dress is short enough to dance in. If this is the case because you have an exceptionally long train, consider turning your bustle into a float.

Will you wear the veil or another piece of fabric that keeps your partner from touching your shoulder?

  • If you are planning on wearing a long veil for your dance, it might change what you will be able to do. You partner will have their hand on your shoulder so make sure your veil can accommodate this.
  • Is your veil attached to your dress or bustle. While it is posisble to dance in this type of attire, it will take some special choreography.

For Him:

Will you have hard-soled shoes (without rubber)?

  • In order to move on the dance floor, it is best to have hard-soled shoes. Rubber shoes cause friction on the floor and will prevent you from turning or moving quickly. Rubber can also exasperate knee problems or old injuries.

How are you walking your partner onto the floor?

  • Some couples have special venues that have stairs. Make sure you know how you're walking onto the dance floor and that you are able to escort your partner… it can be difficult walking down stairs in heels!

For Both:

Is your dance a traveling dance or a non-traveling dance?

  • The floor size of your venue and the song selection will determine what is possible for your first dance. A larger or longer floor will allow you to consider a traveling dance.
  • However, photographers and videographers are generally better at capturing non-traveling dances. Non-traveling dances are also generally easier to learn

Have you chosen your song? Is it a fast dance or a slow dance?