May I have this dance?

One of the most intimidating experiences of life and in ballroom is working up the courage to ask someone for a dance. Whether you are a lady or gentleman, asking someone for a dance not only requires social grace, but also confidence in your dancing ability.


Here are some reminders when asking a prospective new partner to dance:


Be Presentable

We often overlook the necessity of good hygiene because we can get so wrapped up in our dancing. However, proper hygiene can make or break your dance, regardless of your ability. Most people would rather have their toes stepped on than have to dance a whole song with a partner who has bad breath. So, bring a breath mint and a sweat-free shirt. You might not notice but your partner will. You not only want your partner to say yes to that first dance, but also to all the future times you ask!


Say yes, everytime!

Regardless of whether you are competitive or social dancers, we always want to dance with gracious people. If someone sees you saying no to a dance partner, they’ll assume that you don’t want to dance with anyone. The more often you accept an invitation, the more times you will be asked!


Don’t be Rude

Now, there will come a moment in our dance career when we just don’t want to dance with that person. After months, or maybe years of having it drilled into our heads that you must say yes to a dance, the reality is that you don’t have to. You might get an uncomfortable vibe, or maybe you’re just flat out tired and your feet hurt. Whatever the reason, there is no need to be rude. Simply say, “I need a break for this dance, but please ask me later –or better yet, I’ll come find you!” When you in fact follow-up with them, they will know you are being genuine.


Actually ask your partner to dance

Sometimes we simply take asking a partner for granted. It’s important to give your partner an opportunity to say yes (or no) because it is respectful of their time and freedom. Being a gentleman and lady at all times is more than just a common courtesy, but speaks volumes about your character. Being polite invites your partner into a welcoming and warm environment –and who wouldn’t want to dance with you?