Invalid excuses that prevent you from being your personal best

I don’t dance and neither do my friends

Then it’s time to either invite your friends or find new ones. If you are interested in dancing, and your friends aren’t being supportive, there is a whole dance world waiting for you with open arms. It’s time to come to parties to meet people, to showcases, and competitions.

Later you’ll be able to show them what you can do, and they’ll be shocked. They might not have wanted to dance because they were afraid, but once they see how much fun you’re having they’ll start to rethink their position.


I’m never going to use it anywhere

Maybe you didn’t realize that people were dancing around you? Most people come in for their first lesson because they were planning on using it somewhere! Weddings, business functions, parties, and dinners are all places where you can and should be dancing.


I don’t need to be the best dancer

While you might not be the best on the dance floor, you need to be the best that you can be. Time and time again, you will surprise yourself with your own potential for success and skill.

If you are simply scared of trying and failing, I can guarantee that you will fail many many times. However, the age old adage that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take is true.


I don’t have time to practice

Yes, we have a finite amount of time and most of it is spent sleeping. However, once you have committed and prioritized your life, you will always find time to do the things you want. If there’s not enough time but you want better results in your dancing, it’s time to look at committing to dance. You are in control of your schedule and time, even when you have chosen to spend it elsewhere.


I’m already good enough, I don’t need to learn anymore

While it’s rare to hear someone say this directly, the attitude can carry with you in a variety of ways. Everyone always needs to learn and has more to learn. If you find yourself saying this, then you need to learn how to challenge yourself.



I can’t do that, it’s too hard

We start something, and starting with something difficult just means you’ll learn more. You’re teacher is the one who has assessed your capabilities and wouldn’t give you something you’re incapable of doing. Deciding not to do something because it’s too hard will keep you from growing as a dancer. Don’t write it off until you’ve not only tried, but have mastered it.


I’ve already invested so much, and I still suck

At this point, you have a choice to stop or push harder. Stopping will always leave you with the same result, but pushing through will continually reward you, even when you’re exhausted.

If you still feel like you’re not getting anywhere, reconsider whether you have quality focus and practices.


I’m not good enough to dance

Everyone has feelings of inadequacy, but that doesn’t mean you should give into them. You are as capable and qualified as every other person to learn how to dance and to become a dancer. Dancers are made by their passion for what they do, not by their technique.


I don’t have anyone to dance with

If you can’t think of absolutely anyone to bring in on a dance lesson, your instructor provides you with many opportunities to dance –from parties to private lessons to competitions. At these places, you will meet other dancers who would love to dance with you.


I get stage fright, I’ll never be able to perform

Many of the things we do in life are scary, but fear isn’t a reason to prevent you from being your best. You’re greatest leverage over fear is doing exactly what scares you the most. If you try it, you might just be surprised how much you will accomplish.