Easily Fixed, Common Mistakes seen in Uneducated Dancers

In all sports and hobbies, rookies are easy to spot. Even to uneducated enthusiasts, rookies come across as overly-confident since they are unable to catch even the obvious mistakes. Even though dance is easy to learn to doesn't take an expert to notice simple and easy mistakes. Because it is an aesthetic sport, mistakes are even more obvious to amateur, non-dancers. Unfortunately, these flaws are so easy and common that even a person with one dance lesson will catch. Fortunately, they are quick and easy to fix- so make sure you have them down before doing out on the dance floor.


1. The Bride is being escorted on the wrong side of the Lead.

At any point in life, the woman is always supposed to be on the right side of the escort. There are only ever two exceptions. The first is when an escort walks on the outside of the street (better hope it’s not raining!) The second is when the father walks the bride down the aisle. Since, when facing the stage the bridal party is on the left, the bride should be standing on the escort’s left. After the ceremony, the bride will again be on the right. However, when wakling onto the dance floor the bride stays on the right while walking on and off the dance floor.


2. The Bride is escorting the man.

Whether it’s a father, brother, husband etc… the lead should be guiding the bride on to the floor! How do you know? The bride’s hand should be on top of the lead’s arm –not the other way around!


3. The Lead’s Fingers are open when escorting.

While it’s not as obvious as escorting the bride incorrectly, it does make the lead look green. Whether it’s a lead or a follow, a dancer knows that lazy hands make them look bored and distracted. Especially when escorting, it makes you look like you have a stomach cramp!


4. The couple gets into dance frame with the wrong hold.

When dancing, the lead always offers the follow his left hand, which leaves his right hand free to lay on the follow’s shoulder. Not surprisingly, you will see this mistake in a lot of amateur wedding photographs. Not only will the lead’s left hand be on the follow’s back, but it’ll be the low back! Definitely a ‘no-no’ for any dancer. Even someone without a dance lesson would realize how awkward it is when you have to dance with your in-laws.


5. Standing on the Floor before the music even starts

Any dancer knows how to gracefully walk onto the floor and find the beat-especially when a song is playing. When wedding couples haven’t danced, they are at the mercy of the DJ’s best judgement, which will often involve bringing the wedding couple onto the dance floor while they wait for music. Dancers that are familiar with the stage will either wait to walk on or have a presentation prepared while the DJ is preparing.


Dancing is fun and simple to learn. Surely, even those without lesson can realize that having the knowledge is valuable to anyone about to stand in front of an audience. Don’t let these simple things keep you from performing your best.