The Competition Checklist

Competing for the first time or deciding to continue competing is arguably the best way for you to further develop your dancing and maximize your skill and potential.  If you find yourself wondering any of the following, maybe it’s time to take your dancing to the next level:


  • I sometimes get bored during lessons.
  • I wish I could dance like that, but I don’t know how to do that.
  • I don’t find my lessons challenging enough.
  • I have a hard time enjoying dance because I don’t have an ‘end’ goal.
  • I feel like the quality of my favorite dances is lower than it should be. I’m ready to settle on one style so that I can develop my dancing to the fullest.
  • I enjoy learning steps, but there are too many dances, and I can’t seem to keep them straight. I don’t know how to practice and develop the dedication needed to be a better dancer.
  • I want to dance with better dancers. I’m tired of going to an event and not finding high-quality dancers with whom I can enjoy my dance experience.
  • I want to hear more feedback about my dancing so I can improve. 
  • I want to increase the quality of my dancing.
  • I’m ready to fall in love with dance again.
  • I’m ready to find my passion.


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