Medal Testing

Medal testing and progress checks are a wonderful way for avid dancers to progress in their studies. In order to assist students, we have prepared a series of videos and resources that correspond to the material taught in both private and group lessons. Progress tests are structured in such a way that if a student wishes to receive an examination from a qualified examiner of the DVIDA or ISTD syllabi, they will be prepared.


About Medal and Progress Testing 

We recommend that all interested students take a progress test, regardless of level. A progress test is given by another certified and qualified instructor in the area who will observe your dancing with a partner or your instructor, as well as your dancing solo. Progress tests are divided by dance and level. A student may take a progress test in as many dances or levels as they wish. 

Step patterns and material for the requested dance and level is found in the Advanced Student Center of our website. Access to videos is provided based on the interest of that dance, and the student's ability to test out of that level. 

In a progress test, students will be asked to dance the requested steps with and without a partner. They will also be asked to describe the timing of the steps as well as any unique features and characteristics of the dance. 

Progress testing is a way to challenge yourself as a student. It also provides your teacher with important information about how they can better teach you in the future. 

Upon the successful completion of your test, you will be presented with a certification for that level and dance.


Formal Examinations

Another purpose of a progress test is to prepare students for a formal medal examination if they desire. An examination is a more difficult version of a progress test, and students will be asked a wider variety of questions. The medal examination has three parts that include dancing the figures with a partner, dancing the figures by yourself, and receiving an oral examination. Most agree that the oral examination is the most difficult part of the test. In it, students will be asked to identify the step patterns, footwork, hold, timing, and lead and follow as they dance. 

Unlike progress tests, formal examinations are typically done by style with two or four levels at a time.

Official examinations are only given by a qualified examiner of DVIDA or ISTD. Upon successful completion, students will also receive a certificate indicating their progress.

Formal examinations are optional.