Country Western

Country Western is one of the styles of ballroom dance that is unique to North America. While there are only two dances that originated in the United States -County-Two Step and West Coast Swing, it can also include other dances. Country Waltz, Polka, Jitterbug, and East Coast Swing can all be considered part of the Country Western category if they are danced to country music. That being said, the actual steps, figures, and technique are the same as found in their "ballroom" counterparts.

At country western social parties or events, these dances will all have country music which will be selected and played just like a ballroom social dance party. However, there are also County Western competitions and events that specialize in these dances -just like Rhythm, Latin, Standard, or Smooth. The caliber of dancing at these events is naturally more refined than found in social settings.




Country Western
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