Wedding FAQs

When should we begin taking lessons?

To feel the most comfortable with your dance, begin about four to six months in advance. This will allow for enough time to dance using ‘muscle memory.’ It will also leave you with enough time to focus on other details as your wedding date gets closer. Starting early will allow you to get the most out of your lessons and the big day, as you will be able to relax and have fun the day of the wedding.


What kind of dance should we do? 

Your dance should reflect the character and personality of you. If you are looking for an intimate, romantic moment, choose a slow song to relax to. If you are looking to have fun and celebrate, let your song reflect that. If you can’t decide, sit down and speak with your instructor about your options. They will be able to help you choose the perfect song and dance.


How should I choose my music?

If you are undecided about your music, you may discuss it with your instructor. However, if you have a specific dance in mind you may refer to our blog "Choosing the Right Wedding Song," here, or our Wedding Resources, here.


How much will it cost?

Prices will vary according to the type and number of lessons you choose to take. We are proud to say that we are a no pressure sales environment, and that we allow you to choose the kind of lessons you want. You will not be paying for packages, only to find that you are unable to use all of the group classes or parties. By allowing the parties, group classes, and private lessons to be sold seperately, you can customize your experience to what works best for you. 


What should we wear?

It is recommended that you wear the shoes that you will wear on your wedding day. If you haven’t chosen them, bring ones that will have a similar height or feel. If you haven’t decided, try to find a pair with suede bottoms so that it will be easier to turn and move on the floor.

For ladies, if you have a practice skirt or the skirt to your wedding dress, we recommend that you bring that as well. It is helpful to have at least one lesson with it before the big day.


Do you offer classes for the wedding party?

Yes! Whether you want to dance with your father, mother, or spouse, all wedding guests should come.


How do we get started?

Contact The Ballroom Dance Experience to schedule your first lesson.


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