Private Instruction

Private instruction is perhaps the most popular way to learn how to dance. Unlike group classes, private lessons allow the instructor to give you personal attention and feedback on your dancing. Whether you are looking for unique choreography to make your wedding dance special or for new information to improve your technique, private lessons are the best way to progress. It gives you a fun opportunity to learn at your own rate and receive custom, and oftentimes, more advanced information.


Many people who start ballroom are interested in only learning one dance, although sometimes, people wish to learn multiple dances. You will be able to actively participate in your own dance education and experience by determining which dances you want to learn. With private lessons, you will be able to experience the benefits of ballroom in a fun and non-stressful environment.


Our instructors are certified in DIVIDA, and can teach the following dances:





Smooth Rhythm Standard Latin Nightclub Country Other
Waltz Chacha Waltz Chacha Hustle West Coast Swing Jitterbug
Tango Rumba Tango Rumba Salsa Country Two-Step Bachata
Foxtrot East Coast Swing Foxtrot Paso Doble West Coast Swing Country Waltz Argentine Tango
Viennese Waltz Bolero Viennese Waltz Samba Merengue   Kizomba
  Mambo Quickstep Jive Nightclub Two-Step   Polka



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