Group Lessons

Experience the Fun of Dance


More than any other skill or sport, dance is social! It is a wonderful way to meet new people and celebrate with old friends. Group classes offer you the benefits of dancing in a more social and relaxed environment. We offer a variety of group classes that allow every level of dancer to learn, grow, have fun, and meet new people.

Weekly Group Classes

Beginner’s Classes- Drop-in

These classes are for new students in the Newcomer or Beginning Bronze levels. Each class is taught on a week-to-week basis, so there is no need to worry about already knowing patterns.

Beginner’s Classes- Serial

These classes are also for new students in the Newcomer or Beginning Bronze levels. However, each series of classes is taught in a set of either five or six weeks. As a result, each series will allow beginner students to learn more in depth as the instructor will be able to adjust to the needs and pace of individual students.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are for students in Intermediate Bronze, Full Bronze, and Beginning Silver. Many students have been taking group classes or private lessons for years and have enjoyed the practice and social benefits of the Intermediate Class.

Formation and Showcase Classes

Formation and Showcase Classes are a special series that starts every few months. Many students, both who take only group or private, like having the opportunity to learn unique dances. The Showcase Formation is a specialized dance or series of dances that have been put into a routine or choreographed. This provides students the opportunity to gain muscle memory and learn new technique that is difficult to apply in other group classes.


Drop-in Classes can be purchased in different groups of can be purchased in sets of 5 or 10. However, most people first find our classes through Groupon first.


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Custom Group Classes

Many people wish to take a class together with their family or friends, and, so, we offer you the opportunity to customize your group dance class. If you are looking to have a series on any dance, from swing to polka, arrangements can be made at your convenience.

Group classes are also perfect at one day events such as at wedding receptions or other special events.  The class is tailored to fit your needs and can range anywhere from the basics of ballroom to a themed 70’s party. This option allows you to learn the dances you want with the people you enjoy at your own event. It will ensure that everyone feels confident on the dance floor and that everyone has the courage to move! People will not only be able to dance with their partner, but with a variety of people as well. Group classes are offered at different times throughout the week and require registration, so please ask as prices will vary according to the size of the event.

Dance Club in Schools and Kids Classes

Throughout the City of Columbus, we also work in conjunction with organizer Ron Clark to help create dance programs for schools. These classes offer students and opportunity to learn how to socialize and interact appropriately other children and adults. They learn how to fast dance, slow dance, and even line dance to modern music in a safe environment.

View the videos below of the final party at Dublin City Schools.