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About Dancesport:



Whether you are anticipating your first lesson or you are a veteran student, dancesport has much to offer. Showcases, solo exhibitions, and competitions all fall into the dancesport category and is a fun and effective way to increase the quality of your dancing.


While many people are nervous about the word competition, ballroom dance, like any sport has a wide variety of skill levels and will be suited to your unique needs. It is much like swimming or running in that you wouldn't expect to compete against Jesse Owens or Michael Phelps on your first lesson! When you first start running or swimming, you are doing it at your own pace simply because you enjoy it or want the benefits it gives! However, coaching with an experienced professional is an important step to advancing your dancing. There is no better way to reach your fullest potential and self-confidence than to surround yourself by other passionate people. 


Instructors are certified in DIVIDA,  and all four styles of dance International Standard and Latin, and American Smooth and Rhythm are available.


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