Covid-19 Plan

As the state of Ohio prepares to reopen, we have considered many options regarding how and where to teach classes. Please be advised of the following changes we will be making.


First, for the many people take group classes, we will still be offering them, but with many changes. We will no longer be having group classes at our Dublin location for the remainder of the summer. We will also no longer be offering drop-in classes. Instead, we ask that students register for the series group classes, which will occur in sets of five classes. Each series will have a maximum of four couples and the instructor and will thus never be over 10 people per class.  We will no longer be allowing couples to change partners in the group class.

Many people attend group classes with their families or friends. As before, we can create a group class for you to help prepare you for your event, whether it is a wedding or just a way to prevent cabin fever.

Historically we have always allowed students to make up for classes at another point during the same week. For the remainder of the summer, we will not be allowing this. We will revisit this new policy at the end of the summer when we have more information about the nature of the coronavirus. When 

That being said, we know that the change in times is inconvenient for everyone -it has certainly been inconvenient for us! So, we will be honoring all purchased group and groupon classes past the expiration date. If you miss a week of classes, we will allow you to make it up in the next series, it will not expire. As from before the pandemic, for as long as we are teaching classes, we will do our best to accomodate. 

Finally, for students who are uncomfortable dancing in a semi-private group setting, we will be offering to have a monetary exchange that converts your group classes to private lessons. Due to these many accomodations, we will not be offering refunds during the pandemic period.


Please refer to the schedule to help decide what classes will be best for you. We thank you for your patience and continued support.