Dancing at the Dublin Rec

Afraid of looking foolish in front of others? Afraid of not "getting it?" Afraid of dipping your toe in the pool? So many people are intimidated at the thought of trying something new. But if you ask nearly anyone who has actually taken the plunge, I'd be willing to wager that few, if any, would say they regret the experience. Even if they didn't go back after the first attempt, most would be happy that they made the attempt.


That's why Ballroom Dance Experience of Ohio started teaching group classes at the Dublin Recreation Center. We saw it as a safe, friendly environment for anyone at any level to dip their toes in the water and give dancing a try. With the other affordable classes offered at the Dublin Recreation Center, we saw a great partnership, a win-win-win situation. A win for us as we expanded the number of people for whom we could bring the enjoyment of dance. A win for the Dublin Recreation Center as they offered an even greater variety of classes to the community. But most of all a win for the students as they found a great facility where they could enhance not only the Ballroom Dance Experience, but the life experience.

If you're interested in taking ballroom dance lessons, or any of the classes offered at the Dublin Community Recreation Center go to https://dublinohiousa.gov/recreation-services/online-registration