Share in the Experience

Long before Emily, the owner of the Ballroom Dance Experience, had thought about ballroom, she would go dancing with her dad. Every year, her high-school would host an annual father-daughter dance downtown that they would attend. There was always a fun theme and a mini show where her peers and their dads would compete for a free dinner and bragging rights to that years title.


However, one year, her dad came home from work and admited that he was exhausted. They decided they wouldn't go that year, but her dad, wanted to makue-up for the time they couldn't have at the dance. So instead, he decided to take her to ballroom dance lessons where they could go out to eat and spend time together. Since the annual dance was a multi-generational event, it often played rock-and-roll. Like all Dads, Emily's would enjoy embarassing her in front of her friends by doing the 'Twist' when the song came on. So she decided that swing would be a good place to start -at least her humilation could be mitigated. Emily started to love ballroom and continued taking ballroom lessons until she started performing in other places and at other competitions. She later became an instructor and started the Ballroom Dance Experience.

Years, later Emily remembered the annual dances with her dad and was amazed that event put her on the path of her dancing career. She finds that moments at the annual dance and her experience learning ballroom with her dad as one of the most memorable ones. As a result, the Ballroom Dance Experience is about creating fun, quality interaction with those around you. We believe that as the world becomes more technological and seemingly distant -ballroom offers you the opporunity to engage in the human experience.

The story isn't about how good of a dancer you can become or what your end result is in a competition, but rather about connecting and expressing your purpose and sharing it with those around you. It's about remembering what matters most to you.

We ask that you join our community so that we can share it with you.




All locations have general hours of operation from 10:00am to 9:00pm on Sunday through Saturday However, exceptions are made at request for special events and parties.

Please call us to schedule at (614) 642-8688 or contct us at info@ballroomdanceexperience.com.


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